WEDDING THEME: Vintage Bohemian Theme | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 04

Explaining the theme of “Vintage Bohemian” I’ve chosen for my wedding. CLICK SHOW MORE… ——————- Welcome to my new Wedding Planning Channel! The…

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7 Responses to WEDDING THEME: Vintage Bohemian Theme | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 04

  1. Jess and Dee TV says:

    I agree that having a theme is very important for any event especially a

  2. jamieandkurodo vlogs says:

    Haha! I had a vintage travel theme. =P Sounds gorgeous! I’m excited to
    see all of the little details!

  3. MegKayyy says:

    My theme is shells, mainly starfish.

  4. estine says:

    I had a wedding by the beach at a very nice restaurant! I didn’t really
    have a theme but my colors were gold and ivory and lavender. If I could do
    it again, I would definitely go with rustic/vintage style! looking forward
    to seeing all your decorations come together!! 

  5. Kelsey Tweed says:

    I am getting married in August and my theme is rustic/vintage and my colors
    are navy blue and sunflower yellow! :) 

  6. Wandering to a Wedding says:

    I’ve chosen a theme for my wedding! Tell me what you think…

  7. ra je says:

    Having the sort of theme you have chosen will make the over all atmosphere
    for your guests feel like they are enjoying a time away from the hussle and
    bussel of everyday life. I know you will be a beautiful bride. Xo

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