Wedding reception planning – How to plan a wedding reception Wedding reception planning – How to plan a wedding reception Sometimes deciding where to get married is mor…

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  1. HowdiniGuru says:

    We thought so too! :) 

  2. Victoria Odom says:

    @coloterea97 Aw thats really cool :)

  3. tushytushy62 says:

    I don’t know how you guys can spend under $5,000 for a wedding. Photography alone costs around $2,500. Where do you guys live? I guess if you have your wedding in your backyard like a potluck family gathering, then I can see why.

  4. someonecalledlaura says:

    That woman is so vile.. Not everyone can afford a 25 thousand pound wedding. My wedding is going to cost about 3,000 pound. It does not matter if you get married in the most expensive place or a barn, all that matters is love.


    damn 25 g’s for 160 ppl… i needa talk to my fiancee’ to make sure he know what we getting into lol…. NO REALLY i do need to

  6. HarleyQ says:

    I spent $2000 on my wedding, $25k? With that money I would go to Europe. :P

  7. TrendChaser23 says:

    average Price for a bratty female…..mine is about 7-10k. even thats a lot to meh

  8. jsrcamp says:

    my max is around 5,000-7,000 but I am only haveing a small wedding with familey and a few close friends and I am thinking about doing potluck type dinner. my bridesmaid and I are the ones planning it.

  9. HarleyQ says:


  10. coloterea97 says:

    I am 12 years old and i know this may sound crazy but i have been saving and planning for a wedding since i was about 6. All of my family members were married in April and i want to make sure i have all of the information i need when i actually get married. And since i was 4 ive wanted to be a wedding planner or design wedding gowns.

  11. MormonChick22 says:

    Um yeah…no one pay that much. My max is $5,000.

  12. tattooedbeauty1 says:

    I am sorry if you are spending 25,000 either A you don’t know how to shop, or B you are throwing away money on stupid things. Remember it is one day, and you also have to think of what you are going to need money for after that one day.

  13. iluvamedic says:

    this lady is hilarious i’ll be lucky if i have a grand for my wedding

  14. stdoomsayer says:

    25,000 average american wedding cost…

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