Wedding planning! VLOG update – the first steps

SWEETEST Proposal ever! Wedding dress shopping: Bridesmaid dress reveal: …

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18 Responses to Wedding planning! VLOG update – the first steps

  1. jowee86 says:

    I can totally see YOU in it ;P

  2. jowee86 says:

    I don’t think many people are interested =(

  3. jowee86 says:

    I agree! such a hard decision to make! haha

  4. jowee86 says:

    I’m not sure if I will I don’t think many ppl are interested! =(

  5. jowee86 says:

    will do! thanks for watching! xx

  6. jowee86 says:

    thanks for the idea! I might have to try it! xx

  7. jowee86 says:

    haha I’m just lucky everything has fallen into place! =)

  8. jowee86 says:

    yehh i was thinking exactly along those lines! decisions decisions…

  9. jowee86 says:

    omg CONGRATS hun!!!! So happy for u! xx

  10. thebitacious says:

    LOVE your top in this! xx

  11. sheissocoollike says:

    YES pls make a video on the receptions! i love ANY wedding videos u put up!

  12. Acacia Louise says:

    I love your idea for the hair or maybe hair down with lose waves. Your really want to look like yourself on that special day.

  13. AnimeMyAnswer says:

    yesssssssssssssss to wedding venue videooooo :D

  14. dvoted4life says:

    thanks for the video update im happy for you both keep us updated

  15. xbellz2004x says:

    jo just an idea for your hair if you have twisted and braided then pinned to side with ither it curly or bottom of it curls its popular bride style & if your bridesmaids have meduim to long hair you can do similiar side pin up curl twist with smaller braids to match .. i

  16. neyosperfectmatch says:

    Youre so organized! Please keep posting wedding vlogs.

  17. 92PurplePrincess says:

    I think you’ll look pretty with little strands pinned back and loose wavy curls OR the side pony tail you mentioned with some curls and a flower :D

  18. Paulina Taswin says:

    gosh my wedding is in 11 days.. planned it for a year. good luck babe!

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