Wedding planning VLOG – Dress shopping!

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25 Responses to Wedding planning VLOG – Dress shopping!

  1. oxAmandaaaxo says:

    Thank u x

  2. jowee86 says:

    aww thank you!! xx

  3. jowee86 says:

    Hi lovely I just realised ur comment was flagged as spam :( congrats girl! HOW EXCITING! xx

  4. 1218nana1218 says:

    Omg im.super happy for you!!!!! Tear tear

  5. oxAmandaaaxo says:

    Congratulations on getting married just subbed to you after finding your wedding vlog im getting married in March

  6. jowee86 says:

    yay!! :D 

  7. zenanime94 says:

    do i want to see more wedding videos? hell yes!

  8. swtd12eams says:

    I can’t wait to see the dress you picked out. How many dresses did you try on? I tried on at least 10 before finding “the one”. hahah

    Enjoy your wedding planning and remember not to stress. =)

  9. jowee86 says:

    ok thanks!

  10. jowee86 says:

    you’ll need to wait a while haha

  11. jowee86 says:


  12. jowee86 says:

    thanks lovely!xx

  13. jowee86 says:


  14. jowee86 says:


  15. jowee86 says:

    thanks hun!

  16. jowee86 says:

    thank you so much!!!!

  17. jowee86 says:

    aww thanks hun! and I’ll try to take that advice on board thanks =))

  18. jowee86 says:

    ok! xx

  19. jowee86 says:

    Australian =) thanks hun

  20. jowee86 says:

    aww thank you so much!

  21. jowee86 says:

    i know I can’t believe how lucky I was!

  22. jowee86 says:


  23. jowee86 says:

    ok i’ll keep it in mind thanks!

  24. jowee86 says:


  25. jowee86 says:

    aww thanks hun xx

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