Wedding Planning Update: Checklist and Books

These are the books my cousin sent to me: Bridal Bargains 10th edition – Denise & Alan Fields The Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer – Alex and Elizabeth Lluch The Wedding Book – Mindy Weiss The Brides Instruction Manual – Carrie Denny

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25 Responses to Wedding Planning Update: Checklist and Books

  1. purplelonghorn07 says:

    i think the color of her lipstick makes them whiter than normal lol

  2. WeddingPlanMagic says:

    Setting date and venue- by far the best way to start

  3. ADDICT004 says:

    45 $ ??? Thats nothing, In canada, the cheapest you can find is 75 $, at least where I live !

  4. WeddingPlanMagic says:

    Excellent suggestions for a wedding planning checklist- exactly what I used for my wedding too.

  5. HotnColdTV1 says:

    I dont know bout cutting some people. My husband n i thought that we didi but my dad invite his own friends. So, sometimes its difficult to do that

  6. OneSl528 says:

    your teeth look extremely white!

  7. valeriaperrmusic says:

    Hey, where does your cousin live? I live in germany too. You’re great, Judy!

  8. NetteDidHarry says:

    $45 for person? You’re lucky you don’t live in new york. try $150 per person!

  9. Natalie Jaramillo says:

    @VanoMoffatt its been posted on her channel for awhile now (:

  10. fashion1294 says:


  11. FunJessica says:

    can u do a hair tutorial

  12. maridazzle says:

    Hey Judy, Im starting to plan my wedding… if you have any suggestions i’d sooo appreciate your help!- xoxo, mari

  13. harajukuLoverrrrr says:

    your skin looks so healthy and nice here!!

  14. kenyagirl2009 says:

    do you need that many books for a wedding? and will you actually read all of them?

  15. MyLifeinStyle says:

    could you do a video on how to make your own wedding planner. like the binder you have.

  16. hg84 says:

    Best of luck!
    My plage is $120 a person, starting to freak out..

  17. Chika253454 says:

    For your honeymoon look up or google COSTA RICA…. ITS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, BREATH TAKING AND ROMANTIC PLACES IN THE WORLD & im not exaggerating, lol =) LOOK IT UP

  18. tarioliveroshjg says:

    Date a latino lady ****

  19. Cookye85 says:

    mine is the same $45 a person..and your rigth it is hard…glad im not the only one and mine is this JUNE!!!

  20. NVDISLADY says:

    i loveee your eyeshadow What colors did you use???

  21. janabel23 says:


  22. carolinapane2007 says:

    Hi Judy! Congrats!! just relax everything will be great! :) you look beautiful btw :D i love ur eye make up! Benji seems like a nice guy and you guys make such a sweet couple! (i was your subscriber before, but i lost my old email password blablabla.. yeap) so i wish u the best! good luck! and keep us your youtube fans update! :)

  23. makeupbytae says:

    my parent’s wedding was great i want to relive that day and it was so fast to plan my parents had time they had da wedding at my auntie’s hause. it was kinda easy

  24. Sarah Avila says:

    are you using the l’oreal beyonce red lipstick? its really red i like it ((:

  25. megansomerhalder says:

    at least doing her hair and makeup for the wedding will be easy :P

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