Wedding Planning: Unique Centerpiece Vases

Adding a little personality to your centerpieces vases using really inexpensive craft store supplies :) Facebook:…

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3 Responses to Wedding Planning: Unique Centerpiece Vases

  1. Michelle Scarberry says:

    Very smart;) my wedding is in 9 days and I’m scrambling for centerpieces!

  2. SHWeddings says:

    Hi there! As much as I would love to detail how I plan weddings, I’ve
    decided that info is proprietary, and part of a business plan that I’ve
    created, so I can’t give away details on how I personally like to plan
    weddings. I can answer one part of your question, though :) For things that
    are leftover after, I usually pack them all up for the clients. Sometimes,
    they don’t want everything and I’ll keep some centerpiece vases and such
    for myself. But usually, they take everything back with them.

  3. cgrepresentative01 says:

    can you do a video on how you plan a wedding meaning the consultation, how
    do you organise, who does the work, do you keep the materials left over the
    wedding. Just some questions i’ve always asked. Thanks

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