Wedding Planning Tips : Steps to Planning a Wedding

The first few steps to planning a wedding are to establish a budget, find a location and set the date. Start interviewing vendors for photography, catering and music with advice from a professional event coordinator in this free video on wedding planning. Expert: Courtney Arnold Contact: Bio: Courtney Arnold is the owner of Stellar Events and is a professional planner with eight years in the industry. Filmmaker: Rendered Communications

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  1. electriquephoto says:

    Great video. Very informative.

  2. Molly Brereton says:

    it is my life long dream to be a wedding planner. i love weddings and the couples and i always dream of it. im only 13 but i am going to hold on to this dream for as long as possible. :)

  3. SaltLakeWeddings says:

    Thanks for the advice. I agree with step 1. Setting a budget first is so important. You really do not have to spend more than you have. Do not go into debt for a wedding. Work with what you have.

  4. thepurplepassport says:

    I would say also it helps to set an overarching theme upfront (even something as simple as a color scheme, cultural touch, etc). Choosing this theme early helps also define lots of these details – type of venue, types of food, flower colors, invitation colors, bridesmaid dresses, wedding favors (if any). Lots of things fall into place and are made easier once some type of theme has been set!

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  6. TheGo2video says:

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  7. AMC2283 says:

    expensive weddings are a scam. spending money you don’t have (or getting your parents to do it) has nothing to do with lasting as a couple. this sick country has people convinced they have to do it–why do you think they make so called reality shows about it? free advertising.

  8. drgajan83 says:

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  9. noeliah323 says:

    Very helpful!! Thank you :)

  10. PauperShoePrincess says:

    A vendor is anyone who supplies you something i.e. if you decide you want your cake from sally’s cakes, then that is your cake vendor. A RSVP is what people send back to confirm their attendance. You will send out invites with an RSVP card with the option of if they will attend, if they bring a guest & what meal they’re having. Once you receive your rsvps, you will document them & let the caterer know who is eating what and what table they will be on.

  11. 248twilighter says:

    what is a rsap? n a vender ?

  12. Hswim15 says:

    When do u get the dress

  13. WeDoWeddingPlanner says:

    Budgets are intimidating; good thing we’re a free resource. ;)

  14. evharahman says:

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  16. Joel Diamond says:

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  17. rudgeinc says:

    Excellent video. Simple, concise and relevant information. Thanks.

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  24. jsrcamp says:

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