Wedding Planning Tips : Planning a Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding reception involves details such as the flowers, lighting and entertainment. Plan a wedding reception with tips from two event coordinators in this free video on wedding planning. Expert: Vivian Miller & Kathie Millen Contact: Bio: Vivian Miller and Kathie Millen are the owners of Austin Wedding Planners, one of the premiere wedding coordination companies in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Drew Noah

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10 Responses to Wedding Planning Tips : Planning a Wedding Reception

  1. PiperMartinMckay says:

    Details is right Ladies!

  2. Melissa King says:

  3. eventplannerlasvegas says:

    Some very good tips in this video!

  4. musicaltoy says:

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  5. TheGo2video says:

    Great video on wedding planning tips and ideas go here yupurl dot com /efhf5g

  6. Lex1999to2011 says:

    I suggest if your having a outdoor wedding to do it in your backyard are a golf place

  7. jcking33 says:

    nice one great idea… hmmm you may try also doing this in golf clubs… :)

  8. RBNightlinger says:

    Hey Kathy! Can you cover up that bra strap before turning on the camera, please?

  9. robertfriend1 says:

    Hey, Great Video! Lots of great information and ideas. I agree that if the bride does all the work it will be very hard and way too stressful for her to enjoy her special day.

  10. 2210dd says:

    Nice video, but some wedding planners are guys. Like me

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