WEDDING DECORATION HAUL! | | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 21

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10 Responses to WEDDING DECORATION HAUL! | | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 21

  1. amy cronk says:

    wondering how this will look put together…. hipster weddings always
    border on garage sale cheap looking events…. 

  2. smurfyhh says:

    love all the things you have so far love your taste and vintage feel :) 

  3. Wandering to a Wedding says:
  4. vm gibson says:

    I was looking for the video you mentioned and couldn’t find it in the

  5. MissLauraSquared says:

    I love the jars that will be hanging in the tree at the ceremony. Those
    will be beautiful!

  6. penguintastic says:

    (psst corbin: you forgot to link the video that she was talking about
    towards the end ;) ..) 

  7. EDS Awareness says:

    It is all going to be so fantastic. It is a shame you lost the footage but
    oh well this video was great

  8. burbujitita says:

    What kind ??? I love all vintage it’s going to be SÚPER cute

  9. burbujitita says:

    Are you going to use flowers ???

  10. The Stauffer Life says:

    I need to get wedding decor only 1 month away:/

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