WEDDING COLORS: “Plum Burgandy and Burnt Orange” | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 02

Picking out my wedding colors and a clever way to send them to family members who are out of the state! CLICK SHOW MORE… ——————- Welcome to my …

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10 Responses to WEDDING COLORS: “Plum Burgandy and Burnt Orange” | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 02

  1. sarah Lee says:

    very pretty I love the plum!!!

  2. Harper Bennett says:

    My sister had the same sort of colors for her wedding.

  3. Wandering to a Wedding says:

    Check out this week’s video to find out my wedding colors!

  4. Sophia Anna says:

    Nice colours !

  5. Emma Gorowski says:

    Autumn is my favourite season too, and we are having our wedding then too –
    although it’s at a different time of year since we’re on the other side of
    the world. Your colours are really pretty. We’re just going with white for
    pretty much everything. 

  6. jamieandkurodo vlogs says:

    Beautiful! We had our wedding in November 2012 and we had navy and
    tangerine as our colors. Excited for next week! =]

  7. Gabrielle Joy says:

    I have never seen those colours for a wedding before but I think they look
    really pretty together! They are really nice fall looking colours haha :) :) 

  8. Rachel Moore says:

    Awesome colors! So pretty!

  9. Amy Martini says:

    I like the yellow. Not sure the burgundy and plumb would go with the white,
    not seen that in a wedding before?

  10. bvgoose says:

    My boyfriend of 6 years and I just got engaged last week! So excited to
    start planning. I’m loving these videos. Your chosen colors are exactly
    what i’ve always wanted but i’ve had trouble seeing it all put together.

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