Vlog #1- The Venue, DJ, & Colors | Wedding Planning♥

Here it is! I know you all have been waiting for me to start filming my wedding planning vlogs & I am so excited for you all to share this experience with me. Since Ryan & I have already planned…

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7 Responses to Vlog #1- The Venue, DJ, & Colors | Wedding Planning♥

  1. Alyssexoxo says:

    You look amazing in this video! The lighting is great! I LOVE your wedding
    colors! I’m so sad, wish I could be there for the wedding! :) 


    OMGosh your doing wedding videos too?!?! I had know idea. How exciting!! I
    started filming mine at the beginning of December but only have two videos
    so far. How excited! I can’t wait to following you with your journey!!!! 

  3. SparklingGlittr says:

    How exciting! The venue looks beautiful. Loved this video!! What kind of
    music will you be playing at your reception? 

  4. BeautyNatural1 says:

    1.the lighting is great
    2.your makeup is stunninnng you look gorgeous
    3.i loovee the wedding planning videos:)
    4.I hope everything goes exactly how u imagine it and better!! <3

  5. Abby R says:

    What is the brand and name of that silver eyeshadow?

  6. raecat90 says:

    That place sounds so perfect and amazing! In the pictures it looked
    stunning! It is cool how organized and planned out you have everything


    I’d love to follow you on pintrest. my colors are very similar. coral,
    orange yellow just without the blue! 

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