Update Vlog: Feet Issues, Wedding Planning, New Car, etc.

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4 Responses to Update Vlog: Feet Issues, Wedding Planning, New Car, etc.

  1. Alyssexoxo says:

    Omg girl my car is a 2004 Neon!! We are so alike in certain things!! :) 

  2. SparklingGlittr says:

    lmao..”" i got a new car because my “ghetto fabulous” was having
    problems.”" Your so funny! You should definitely do a stella tour! :)
    omgg!!! I can’t believe that you were talking about someone hitting your
    car and bam! that bitch does it to your car !! I hope you told her off!!
    lol :) 

  3. glittert0gold says:

    love the video :) if you’d like, check out my channel for a giveaway going
    on until feb. 28th! xox

  4. MoniqueBlink says:

    I’m great full for my parents support! I’m saving up for a SUV hopefully in
    March I can start looking =) && AWD is a MUST for me!! 

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