The Budget Bride’s Guide to a Fairytale Wedding – Free Wedding Tips for Brides looking to save money on their wedding. Ideas for those that are looking to stay within a budget…

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25 Responses to The Budget Bride’s Guide to a Fairytale Wedding

  1. pedrobananas s says:

    Good info, but the music?? try not to be soooo corny

  2. Wedding Plans On A Buget says:

    Great video – excellent information! Your points are right on. Well done!

  3. Jaimie Scibetta says:

    Why is Latin Mega Star Charitin’s Disney World Wedding in this video?

  4. Jazzyliz18 says:

    @djmattt19 not necessarily…where i live it’s not a big deal if there’s
    not a DJ, the point is good music, not the person playing it. It’s an
    option, not a requirement, so i don’t see the option of not having a DJ as
    not being “real”.

  5. Jazzyliz18 says:

    @Anamais666 what?! how?!

  6. Anamais666 says:

    i got my dress for free

  7. TheOceansofPeople says:

    You don’t have to spend your life savings for wedding.

  8. Bondtrill87 says:

    Good tips..

  9. bestforbride says:

    Hello Miq, Happy to assist you.. you can use any song as long as you two
    both love, allowing you to express your feelings through music for a
    memorable reception and will make your day that much more special. And
    please also watch our videos for more ideas regarding gown, flowers and
    decorations. Thank you!!

  10. Pradeep Deshmukh says:

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  11. Lorr Morr says:

    thank you .I have the movie so I knew I had heard it somewhere before :)

  12. WeddingPlanMagic says:

    Such wonderful tips for Brides- I loved making my wedding table
    centrepieces. For eliminating wedding planning overwhelm, brides can help
    themselves to the Wedding Checklist Formula from Wedding Checklist Formula

  13. Jennifer Torr says:

    My personal opinion would be to definitely use it because obviously it is a
    song that you and your fiance feel very strongly about. I love the song
    myself that, and along with “Lady in Red” by Chris DeBurg.

  14. TaylorMadeWeddingsUK says:

    Nice clip. Your video will help inspire those for moneysaving tips and
    ideas which is sensible within any climate. Unfortunately, majority will
    have no idea how much to really spend. Truth is, the real cost should not
    exceed what you really can afford! Most weddings are brought together
    through the client’s own vision, style and personal touch so when it comes
    to spending, there really isn’t a wrong or right answer to prioritise every
    aspect of your day.

  15. FaythsDenyle1 says:

    @djmattt19 That’s why you ask the people who are invited to your wedding
    what kind of music they would like to have included. If you get their input
    they will have more fun because they will feel they contributed in some way.

  16. MonkeyBizShow says:

    – RSVP – ‘Monkey Business’ cordially invites you to stop by to enjoy MB
    S2E4, which focuses on the business of weddings. This episode looks at the
    average cost for: The dress, the ring, the reception venue, etc. Plus a
    quick peek at the world’s most expensive wedding cake. And some disco
    dancing. Need a laugh? See you there. Have fun! Here are some other MB
    episodes you might enjoy: MB S2E3 – Mysteries and Diamonds MB S2E1 –
    Mermaids Ahoy MB S1E23 – Grimsy MB S1E21 – Valentine’s Day

  17. ahfclass says:

    @LorrPatMorr Theme from the film “Somewhere In Time.”

  18. bunnycakes011508 says:

    It is very doable. :) Nice tips. :)

  19. Estela N says:

    OH HAIR BRIDES Bridal Hair Accessories just for you…

  20. zhash003 says:

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    Modern Vase bowl Wedding table centerpiece

  21. gwella ella says:

    hello everyone, I kinda have a problem here and need some advice. I’m
    getting married next year, and there is this particular song that I want to
    corporate into the wedding because of certain reasons, me and my fiancé are
    both madly in love with the song, and we want to use it to walk down the
    aisle, but also as our wedding first dance. do you guys think its ok to do
    so??/? ps; the title of the songs ”” wonderfull tonight by eric clapton

  22. Triple T Entertainment says:

    A ipod n friend cant read the crowd n mix to keep ur dance floor full..An
    ipod cant take request and interact with ur guest.But most important A
    friend n ipod can not run ur formalities and time line the way an
    experinced DJ can!!!It is about the music but the music that is chosen
    should be up to someone that knows what they r doing not all pre picked by
    the couple.10 yrs from now NOT ONE ur guest will say oh what a great meal
    we had but they will DEF remember if they had a good time!!

  23. Lorr Morr says:

    Can someone tell me what that background song in this video is please… :)

  24. metronomic1 says:

    Dont try to scrimp on photography either. The photography is one of the
    most important aspects of the wedding and you should be budgeting at least
    10% of your total budget for that.

  25. Triple T Entertainment says:

    Mp3 player vs Live DJ worse advice ever allll your creadibility has jus
    gone out the window!!!! The DJ/Entertainer/MC makes or breaks the
    reception. GET REAL

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