SAVE THE DATES! | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 12

This video is about our Save the Dates Corbin made for us! Plus we discuss a BIG announcement! CLICK SHOW MORE… DAILY VLOGS: -…

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9 Responses to SAVE THE DATES! | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 12

  1. Jany B says:

    Aww u guys!! Cant wait to know more details <3 love and best wishes from
    miami (:

  2. jamieandkurodo vlogs says:

    They look awesome! Excited for next week’s video! =]

  3. Missy Davenport says:

    Enjoying these vids can’t wait to hear all the details.

  4. alysalley says:

    How sweet of you guys to want to include us. Thanks! I just hope there’s no
    vlogging planned at the alter lol.

  5. Wandering to a Wedding says:

    Corbin and I share when we are announcing our wedding date!

  6. Shelly Ullrich says:

    These save the days are so amazing! My fiance and I are also having a
    vintage inspired wedding! I would love for Corbin to make our Save the
    Dates! ;) ;) 

  7. amoraSchannel says:

    so cool! 

  8. Aphrodite D says:

    Can’t wait !!!!! 

  9. Emberleigh Montgomery says:

    Arrangements is spelled incorrectly on the example you showed.
    It doesn’t have an i after the a.

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