Retro Wedding Planning (Viewing a Venue)

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9 Responses to Retro Wedding Planning (Viewing a Venue)

  1. elaine robles says:

    Omg!! the grove.. lol :) my cousin got married there. its a really nice
    place to have a wedding I believe. hope all works out for you with all the
    wedding planning.. congratulation’s to you and Cody! I wish you guys all
    the best in life.

  2. Star Wars_Chola says:

    Congratulations to the both of you ! I love the venue and I pictured
    everything you said in my head and It’s going to be pretty kick ass. I wish
    you and Cody nothing but love,happiness,and health :) 

  3. 18valval says:

    Omg soo excited for u and Cody! 

  4. Paulina Castles says:

    I went there in October for that Halloween thing they have! It’s sooo
    pretty at night when the string lights are on and the fire pits are going,
    even the fake grass was nice! Hahaha xx

  5. Janiece Candanoza says:

    Be glad to help*

  6. Sarah Feena says:

    Mofo that keeps disliking you videos tho, so rude 

  7. lara smith says:

    Lv the venue and you can pull off practically any look but I can’t see you
    in a wedding dress

  8. Janiece Candanoza says:

    I’m having my wedding at the grove also! I get married this May! Good luck
    on your planning! :) if you have any questions I’d plan glad to help! :) 

  9. darlingjessx says:

    Congratulations Jess!! My boyfriend just purposed to me on Christmas Eve!!!
    I can’t believe how much we have in common! Your gnna make a beautiful
    bride! :) did you guys pick a date yet? 

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