Retro Wedding Planning (First Bridal Show)

Open Me::: Viewing the Venue: JessieRetro 5132 N Palm Ave #345 Fresno, Ca 93704 RETRODOLL NECKLACES: http://www.RetroDollGear.sto…

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6 Responses to Retro Wedding Planning (First Bridal Show)

  1. TheBrencity says:

    Everything in this video was beautiful :) I’m so happy for you. 

  2. LaMimis says:

    Its messed up how when both really big plus size models come out, you
    totally cut them off

  3. lenda mitchell says:

    love it

  4. moyajohnson41 says:

    Just came across 2 previous vids of yours from last year. And I afto say it
    is literally my life at this moment. Or for the last 5 years I been going
    through all of that self esteem issue. So I wanted to see where u are now
    and if the man u referred to few times. Is still in your life. And when I
    saw this vid in 2014, I couldnt stop smiling. So happy for u. Its give me
    hope. Maybe I will find happiness 1 day 

  5. Jennies Blogg says:

    Loves it 

  6. AmourInfinity says:

    Jess, since I first watched the proposal video I’ve been envisioning this
    Happily Ever Retro theme for your wedding. It’s really wonderful to get to
    see you experience all of these things and I know your wedding is going to
    be gorgeous. 

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