I’m Engaged, Now what? My Wedding update & Tips

Just a lil update on the whirlwind of planning, stress, budget setting, etc, etc, etc!! Being Engaged is amazing, but what comes next? I share my experiences…

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25 Responses to I’m Engaged, Now what? My Wedding update & Tips

  1. rog duran says:

    wheres the link to your other page?

  2. MissKassandraBrooks says:

    @xpeekabooqtx Amiclubwear (dot) com

  3. AvaMo77 says:

    August 15th is my birthday :)

  4. Fulumirani says:

    “I want a MAGIC dress!” I love her.

  5. MissKassandraBrooks says:

    @MsGlemi Those beads were ordered offline. We use them as backgrounds at
    the amiclubwear studios. I think we googled jewel curtain or beaded
    curtain. Much cheaper than 12.99 a strand!!

  6. TaylorTravisIsT2 says:

    How is your search for a Photographer going?! :) :) :)

  7. ForMyBabesEyesOnly says:

    Thanks, you have been informative & have given some great wedding ideas &

  8. kristin epley says:

    “my color scheme is light pink, dark pink, and bling.” hahaha i love you! i
    started laughing so hard lol i’m glad bling is a color :) congrats on the
    engagement! i’m sure your wedding will be absolutely amazing!

  9. MissKassandraBrooks says:

    @vitas978 awww.. just breathe sweetie!! I understand your stress!! I would
    love to elope!! lol

  10. bigtrigger13 says:

    Omg I’m So happy Forrr Yuhhh ! Wish Yuhhhhhh Theeee Bestt ! iWanna Get
    Married But I’m Scareddd @PinkLilTrigger

  11. kathyli1310 says:


  12. Starfoxx28 says:

    Hair tutorial for this look, please? :o )

  13. PinkIce says:

    Your skin looks so pretty and milky here. ;o; You are so pretty.

  14. Ariadna Miranda says:

    Congrats Hope Everything Goes Well For You & Your Future Hubby(: ….& Yes
    Pls More Updates & Tips!

  15. breezykirbreezy87 says:

    How much is the eden gardens package?

  16. Sydney Austin says:

    oh sorry it was buffering and i posted it and it isnt on my birthday.

  17. Elizabeth Serrato says:

    my birthday is August 18th :D

  18. lovleymakeupcraze says:

    yes update please please please please

  19. PinkxFashion15 says:


  20. KiahDione says:

    I completely get what you mean when you talk about a happy medium. He
    proposed right before he went to Afghanistan. He said he wanted me to plan
    so we could get married after he got back. He said he wanted to be involved
    since he was gone. I always wanted to talk about it and get going and he
    blew me off every time. So, now the weddings off. We’re still together and
    i love him, but he sorta ruined the wedding thing for me. Now, i don’t want
    a big wedding. Something small on a beach.. that’s it.

  21. Lynn says:

    please do more wedding videos!

  22. inspiredtoimprove says:

    I LOVE your hair in this video! Can you please do a tutorial?:)

  23. JCJCBalloons s says:


  24. jazzyprinsis says:


  25. Amy Silver says:

    good tips. I got married last june 18 and it was hella stressful dealing
    with little details. I also, wore a sparkling sweetheart from Cassablanca
    dress. Too bad I wore a different white dress during the reception. I
    should have done what u decided to do, put a zipper on the dress.

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