How to shoot a wedding – Part 1 – Planning

In this series ThatNikonGuy Matt Granger will show you all you need to know to get started in wedding photography. From planning, to gear, to shooting and ed…

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24 Responses to How to shoot a wedding – Part 1 – Planning

  1. Dave Gahan says:

    Good video Matt :-) 

  2. Steven van Buuren says:

    Thank you so much. I got my first wedding shoot planned and your videos are giving me a huge support. Thanks!!!


  3. acealvarez12 says:

    To long and not very helpful

  4. kjeoy says:

    Geat vid! Upload in HD with be superb :)

  5. TheLeboAussie says:


    Im 14 years old, im also a photographer. My website is moonlightphotography.c o m. a u

    I have a wedding this Saturday

    Your tips really do help me, thanks.

  6. raipe76 says:

    I like to shoot wedding night photography ;)

  7. mariozmis says:

    I’ll be dipping my toes into wedding photography within 2 months, thank you for all the great tips you give, they’ve been helpful…We’ll see did I remember all you said =)

  8. NashIhle says:

    Hi Matt, I am in need of practicing and going to weddings, but I can’t find someone to help me out, and to take me along to shoots, probably because I am only 15, but I do a lot of events and want to stay having more of a broad range of photos but I don’t know how to start or practice wedding photos?

  9. levt39 says:

    Hi Matt,
    Just noticed that in the intro the word photography in Hebrew is written in the wrong direction. It should be right to left and not left to right.

  10. Lancashirehotpot1 says:

    Thanks Matt, very informative and has certainly eased my stress levels for my 1st wedding shoot in a couple of days

  11. Mark Jensen says:

    Sure wish I had all the advice from this video series when I did my first couple of weddings back in 2009.

  12. PuertoRicoDJ says:

    We have a music company at Puerto Rico and sometimes clients ask me for a good photographer.. We want to find one like this.. puertorico-dj

  13. Connor Moore says:

    Your kind of a wedding crasher haha :) . great video mate

  14. Fraser Clarke says:

    Matt – one important thing missed – rehearsal! If you can manage a rehearsal, to know where to shoot from, and the order of events. You can also provide direction and run through a couple of times – e.g. every bridesmaid gets a half aisle length each, bride gets her own full length (and everyone take their time walking down aisle :)

  15. Fraser Clarke says:

    If you can manage it, 2 bodies also work really well on black rapids – even if it’s a crop and a full frame, use a wide on the full and a tele on the crop. For me – 1D x + 17-40 f/4L, 1Ds II + 135 f/2L. If dark – swap 17-40 to 50 f/1.4. For candids at reception – swap 135 to 300 f/2.8 :)

    Don’t be afraid to use flash for ceremony! Hoping everyone always has a cloudy warm wedding day to shoot :)

  16. Philipypon1974 says:

    A question for you Matt: When you have a wedding assignment do you usually have an assistant? I think it would make your job a lot easier where pressure is going to be a factor in certain situation at the wedding. Once again well said and another good advice. Thanks for the effort of making these four part tutorials. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  17. sykesphotoandvideo says:

    your bread and butter would be canon 24-70. but def pack a 70-200 and a 50mm

  18. lcko says:


    I really don’t think that people appreciate the time and effort you put into this – but it really means ALOT for people (like me) who is anxious about getting into the business. Also, during the winter time in Sweden, inspiration for photography is always appreciated. Thank you!

  19. thatnikonguy says:

    great – good luck

  20. Martin Deanda says:

    Going to be breaking into the wedding photography business in a few months, so I’m absorbing as much knowledge on the subject as possible. Great videos, looking forward to watching more. Thanks for your help.

  21. Dhwanit Dharod says:

    what is the one lens you need to shoot wedding pics

  22. Daniel Taylor says:

    mediacityavid is a loser.

    This video was damn helpfull and top quality man. Only thing I’d say is maybe improve the delivery like greenscreen it and put in a fancy backdrop and stuff kinda like on filmriot.

    either way damn good stuff.

  23. thatnikonguy says:


  24. Tony Fernandez says:

    P E R F E C T ! ! Thanks for this!!

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