How To Become a Wedding Planner

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7 Responses to How To Become a Wedding Planner

  1. StyleElegance says:

    We LOVE weddings too Leila! The stressful part….we thrive on it!
    You’re so right it is totally rewarding! It is important to do what you are passionate about.
    Great to connect!

  2. HowToBecomeTV says:

    Thank you. Afzia does a great job. She loves it very much! Love your site. Perhaps we can interview you sometime in the future.

  3. weddingpr says:

    Being a wedding planner is definitely a stressful job but can be totally rewarding! LOVE weddings!

  4. HowToBecomeTV says:

    This is a good start! Now look into assisting a more experienced Wedding Planner. Dazzle them for several weddings ! This earns you, not just experience, but contacts with vendors! This is crucial. Then get a great reference from the Planner you served. Use this reference to get your first clients. Best of luck to you! Lets us know how you do please OK?

  5. TheCelesteWinters says:

    I’m currently doing an online course to get my advanced diploma in wedding planning. Is that enough to be hired? And do you also recommend business management or events management? Thanks for the video!

  6. Wan Sze Kong says:

    We needed this on our day! Someone stool my uncle camera, my dad freaked om my husband and many people showed up who were not invited! Wish we had Afzia there.

  7. StyleElegance says:

    Thank you HowToBecomeTV for producing this video about me! I love what I do and hope others can find their inspiration and follow their passion.
    You have done a fabulous job!

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