FIRST WEDDING EXPO! | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 09

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13 Responses to FIRST WEDDING EXPO! | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 09

  1. wishingonflowers says:

    Make sure to check out Etsy for invitations! There are some very talented
    designers on there and you can find really unique stationary :) 

  2. Jessie R says:

    Love all of your planning. Is the wedding coming up soon..Maybe you already
    mentioned this in another video?

  3. Lottie Johnson says:

    Just wondering, What is your pinterest name? I’d love to follow you 

  4. Kiran Bharti says:

    Wedding planning can be stressful, I am getting married this July. We are
    planning two ceremonies and receptions one is a traditional Christian
    ceremony followed by a traditional Hindu ceremony. Twice the traditions,
    events and stress. I can’t wait to get married though the planning has been
    great. Good luck and best wishes for your journey ahead.

  5. ncletrcy says:

    Would you consider Bryan taking your wedding photos?

  6. Ninja Ali says:

    So glad Missy @thebumpsalongtheway introduced me too you guys!!

  7. Chelsea Robinson says:

    When is the wedding again? I can’t remember if you announced it yet or not
    and I can’t seem to find it in your past Wedding Wednesday videos

  8. Elizabeth Brideau says:

    I won a free wedding cake at my first expo! Definitely keep going you never
    know what you may win :) 

  9. emm cee says:

    oh wait i just remembered you guys are trying to stay on a budget :( sorry
    that was a dumb suggestion

  10. amanda Kerns says:

    You sing up and sadly they sell your information, we got a call saying we
    won a 7 night Bahamas stay. Long story short it was a lie….

  11. Chelsea Robinson says:

    We won a raffle at the wedding expo in our town last January. It was a free
    3 day 2 night stay in a hotel at a location of our choice (we got to choose
    from a list of locations in the US) We’re planning on using it to go to
    Mertle Beach, South Carolina for our 1 year anniversary coming up in July.
    I hope you win something too!

  12. emm cee says:

    you should totally look into getting a subcription wedding box. 

  13. Wandering to a Wedding says:

    Corbin and I went to our first wedding expo!

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