Another Vlog (Movember Mustaches, Wedding Planning, and Too Much Coffee)

Day 313 November 9, 2011 — ApprenticeA Productions Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: http…

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24 Responses to Another Vlog (Movember Mustaches, Wedding Planning, and Too Much Coffee)

  1. Glee1love says:

    also weeping angels that’s why most people don’t blink

  2. regularguy5mb says:

    I think I’d be perfectly okay with cute women drawing a mustache on me every day.

  3. JustSomeGermanDude says:

    Ah. So the wedding is coming closer…

  4. LolaG07 says:

    Aw, its Alli Trippy before she was a Trippy!!

  5. TheFTSKBABE says:

    Corey’s eyes and voice <3 unfff

  6. TweedleVee says:

    Pb & j otter =D

  7. Haylee Eaton says:

    You probably get this alot but you look like Carey Elwis (i think that’s how you spell it) the guy from princess bride : )

  8. Roxaefiction says:

    Corey please blink

  9. filipinokid18 says:

    Everyone pickeded it for you Shannon :D

  10. rescal92 says:


  11. cshinya1 says:


  12. saskiavanell says:

    I was going to but I was worried about eating the whole bag by myself :)

  13. saskiavanell says:

    Thanks :) I’ve lived in Canada since 2000.

  14. callmecrazybecoziam says:

    alli! <3 can’t wait for the wedding askdjfbseiulrbg 8 days!

  15. awkwardlynconvenient says:

    wow, cool! Your English is impeccable, I wouldn’t have guessed you to be Dutch! And you ended up in Canada? (there is hope for me yet hah!) How long have you been in Canada?
    Oh and ditto on the vacationing ex-neighbor :)

  16. CURISION says:

    where’s the first note guys ??, please….. :) 

  17. Thatguynext2you says:

    imagine being ginger and doing the same…

  18. dpxmidisplaylol says:

    CTFxC FTW!!!

    And i must agree with @SmegChris comment (most thumbed up comment at the moment), Shannon is pretty too!!

  19. dop388 says:

    Ik dacht al zoiets ^^! Introduce them to chocolate kruidnootjes =] And hurray for you giving them a bit of dutch awesomeness !

  20. saskiavanell says:

    I’m not Canadian, I’m Dutch hence the Dutch stuff. And Belgium used to be the number one vacation spot when I lived in Holland :)

  21. meowjanet says:

    Shannon,,Bejeweled rocks but even better and blood boiling is Bejeweled Blitz,,,try it Shannon!  And I want sushi but there iOS a shortage os sushi in central Ontario,,it sucks,,

  22. awkwardlynconvenient says:

    what is with all the dutchness right now? belgium has some great food too y’know ;) besides, where are you even getting all these foreign things? silly canadians! :)

  23. TheRealLeesyKate says:

    That’s a heaps good idea :D

  24. Amanda Webb says:

    As would I(:

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