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How To Make a Wedding Planner Checklist

March 29, 2013

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Wedding Planning: Tips For Those Last Few Weeks

March 26, 2013

Some advice for those last few weeks before your wedding, when you’re typing up loose ends, and think you might go just a little bit crazy Blog: blog.geth…

Wedding Planning: Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

March 23, 2013

Three ways to really personalize your wedding and add a lot of meaning without blowing your budget. Great website of free font down loads: www…

How to Become a Wedding Planner – What is Your ‘Why’

March 20, 2013

Why do you want to be a wedding planner? In this video I talk about the benefit of having a strong ‘why’ to refer to when things get tough and also share why…

Wedding Planning Tips

March 17, 2013

Julie Albaugh gives us wedding plans tips to prepare for the big day.

How To Become a Wedding Planner

March 14, 2013

More people doing what they love: More of Afzia: Special Thanks to Christine Martin: http://…

ENGAGED: Wedding Planning

March 11, 2013

Designing an “us” wedding. New videos every Wednesday. by Jordan Klepper and Laura Grey Shot and Directed by Justin Byrne Sound by John Zachary Townsend Musi…

Wedding reception planning – How to plan a wedding reception

March 8, 2013 Wedding reception planning – How to plan a wedding reception Sometimes deciding where to get married is mor…

Wedding Planning – Catering and Drinks

March 5, 2013

Top wedding planner Susanna Richardson explains how to choose the best food and drinks for your wedding including advice on budget and themes.

SCRUM Project Management For Wedding Planning – Gregory Heller

March 2, 2013

Gregory Heller is a master of the SCRUM style of project management. When he was preparing to get married… he figured why go the normal route? Why not apply his knowledge for a different kind of project – his wedding!