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How to choose the perfect Bridal Gown

November 21, 2012

Brides are usually fairly picky when it comes to choosing the bridal gown to wear at their wedding.  However this is a completely natural response, the truth is that a woman will become a bride most probably just the once in her life so for her, Her wedding day is the one day when she [...]

Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

November 18, 2012

A bridal shower is undoubtedly one of those events which will be fun at the time and also  very practical afterwards,The main purpose of holding a  bridal shower is to shower the bride with items which can be used in her marriage but another important reason is that it detracts from the planning and hence [...]

Bridal Jewellery – Its Not Just For Your Wedding Day!

November 16, 2012

Selecting  the most drop dead gorgeous bridal jewellery to match the wedding gown you`ve always dreamt of is majorly important in  finishing off your bridal look. The Majority of  brides tend to  wear their bridal jewellery just for the wedding day only then it is stored at the back of a little used jewellery box [...]

5 Top Tips For Bridal Accessories

November 12, 2012

Our first of five fantastic tips for bridal accessories is the theme. If you are considering planning a theme wedding you will need to plan everything right down to the honeymoon,Planning a theme wedding will definitely require some time spent web browsing before you decide upon the final theme.The problem is if you pick up [...]

Different Types of Las Vegas Wedding

November 11, 2012

Las Vegas these days is virtually as famous for its weddings as it is for some of its more questionable roots and goings on,there are wedding chapels everywhere you turn and in most major casinos, There are many different type of las vegas wedding available including themed weddings, elvis weddings, simple weddings, alien weddings, and [...]

Choosing the Right Flower Girl Dress For Your Wedding

November 10, 2012

Preparing for your wedding is often quite a chore,typical decisions you must make are what type of flowers to use,which wedding colors will suit the bridesmaids and ushers best and what refreshments will be required for the reception,everything needs to be perfect but one detail that often gets left till last is selecting a flower [...]

Choosing The Right Bridal Lingerie For Your Wedding Night

November 9, 2012

When looking to purchase bridal lingerie it is important to remember that you need to be looking for something that is super sexy and romantic both at the the same time as you will be wearing it on what is most probably going to be one of the most special and memorable nights of your [...]

How to Plan a Disneyland Wedding !

November 8, 2012

Your wedding day is without doubt the happiest day of your life. How wonderful would it be to have the happiest day of your life at the happiest place on the planet ?  it would be fantastic of course and now Disneyland has made that possible with their Disneyland Weddings service. Most Women start dreaming [...]